The Master’s storyteller in Richland, MS

I have been with Rev. James Twiner in about every church he has pastored for the past 20 years.  He has been a great friend.  He is doing a great job in Richland and the church is responding to his leadership.  They are excited about the future and even looking to build a new sanctuary.  The people have a heart for missions and evangelism.  They decided to make this event “community friendly”, by holding the services in the Richland Convention center.  It was a great venue and we had great participation.

The children had a great time in BibleQuest.  Some of the kids were new to the church and were very excited about what they were learning.  It’s so exciting to see their exuberance as they hear and memorize these great truths from Scripture for the first time!


The boys and girls wee so proud as they showed what they had learned in four short days. They were a delight to work with and the volunteers from the church were fantastic!


This is Rev. James Twiner with the kids who have just been awarded the BibleQuest gold medals. Don't they look great! I pray that God will continue to put a great hunger for His Word in their hearts.


Pray for the folks at Richland, MS, that God will work among them as they dream His dreams for their future.  I believe they are standing on the brink of some of their greatest days in ministry.  They are living out the “great commandment” to love the Lord and their neighbors.  You can’t go wrong when that is your desire.

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  1. We enjoyed the program so much! Unfortunately, our son got sick the second day. He was really disappointed. If you ever come back to Mississippi, we will be there!

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