Yes, it’s time to celebrate!

Wesley Putnam Ministries is ready for another year of ministry!


In December we sent out a plea for help.  We were in desperate financial straits.  In 2012 our love offerings had fallen by 50% and we were seriously questioning whether or not we could continue.

The Good news is that because of the faithfulness of the friends of our ministry, we were able to pay back the money borrowed last year for operational expenses, and even have a small cushion as we move forward!  That is nothing short of a miracle!

We are moving forward with a very busy schedule in 2013.  We’re already nearly completely booked for this year and beginning to schedule in 2014.  Lots of open doors!  We’re going to be in Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Indiana …well, you get the picture.   We are excited about the opportunities to share the Good News of God’s love all over this nation.  With your help, we are going to see many lives changed!  How awesome!


Please continue to pray for us.  You can follow our itinerary and pray for us as we go from place to place this year.  One of our greatest needs is for regular monthly donors.  With more people sending support in each month, we can build a foundation that is strong enough to keep us out of the situation we found ourselves in last year.  We have a secure server where you can set up a monthly gift using your bank account or credit card.  It would be a great help if you would join that group who prays daily and provides monthly support.

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