World wide revival!

I have a friend who has been following our ministry since we were in his church in Decatur, AL years ago.  I don’t know if I’ve met anyone with more of a passion for souls.  He longs to see revival sweep this world.  Here is the text of an email he sent me recently.

Wesley:  I am Jim Lenz.  I was with you a few times at Ninth Street United Methodist in Decatur.  I continue to follow your ministry through your Updates. 
At Ninth Street we had a Sunday afternoon prayer group before the evening service.  You might remember Bruce & Anita McKinney, Bill and Peggy Mathews, Shirley Yarbrough, Abe Mayo, and David & Terri Riggs, just to name a few of the people in this group. We read a booklet “When God Stepped down from Heaven.  This booklet tells about the Great Awakenings that started as a result of prayer.  As a result of reading this booklet, God spoke to us about trying to get people all over world to pray for a: Worldwide Revival so Christians worldwide will be revived and the lost worldwide will accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.  We started a monthly prayer meeting in September 2004 and have met every month but two since that time.  We have a group meeting in Morgan County and a group meeting in the adjoining county (Limestone County).  The following have recently joined in the effort: 1) Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 2) The Jeruselum Prayer Team, 3) Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls, 4), as well as others. 
I am hoping you can add this effort to your update each time you send one out.  As you are in a DaySpring in the churches, please ask them to start praying this same prayer.  We need all the help we can get in spreading this effort around the world. 
May God bless your ministry.  Please pray for ours. “
I wonder, what would happen if all across this land, small bands of Christians would gather at least once a month to pray for this kind of revival.  This could spread around the world and we might see another great awakening in our lifetime.
Lord, do it again!

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  1. We at the Upper Room are convinced that prayer is the foundation for all God’s work in the world. We are joining you in prayer. And if you want to pray for others, please consider becoming an intercessory prayer partner in our prayer ministry:

  2. We have a group of pastors who meet every Wednesday morning in Borger, TX and we have been praying for revival in our area as well as around the world. Know that we are joining you in something that only God can do. I praise Him now that it is being accomplished in His power. God bless you to be a blessing

  3. Please pray for us that God may break the strong hold and give us protection and bring strong awakening and revival that God will give people dram and vision of Jesus and revelation of His power and love and God will do great miracles of healing and people may be saved and added to the Church.

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