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December 2012

Dear Friends,

This is a very difficult blog for me to write. The hard reality is that if we have another year like this past one, there is a very real possibility that Wesley Putnam Ministries will be forced to close our doors.

Although we were as busy as ever and saw some of the best fruit of all our years of ministry, we also saw our love offerings fall by nearly 50% in 2012!  That is a major blow to a faith ministry such as ours.

This past year was incredibly fruitful. We saw over 4000 new converts for Christ in Ghana and Nigeria alone!  We saw churches filled with people of all ages across this nation, and altars packed with people seeking a closer walk with Christ.  We saw hundreds of children get excited about God’s Word.  Over 10,000 students in schools were challenged to stand strong for what is right.  Please take a moment to scroll through our blog and see for yourself how God has moved through this ministry in the last year.  It’s been amazing!

Invitations are still coming from all over the nation, but without your help we may not be able to go.  I don’t believe it’s right to operate this ministry in debt, but we had to borrow money this past year to take care of the basic costs of operation.

Many have come to our meetings and experienced the stories, seen the children’s excitement, and witnessed the responses of those who’ve given their hearts to Christ. I could not bear to see all that end only because I failed to let our friends know about our need.

Please, ask God what He wants you to give to help at this critical time.  No gift is too large or too small.  We need some significant gifts to help us get back on solid footing, and we need many who will commit to support this work with a recurring monthly gift.  It would be wonderful if Sunday school classes and churches would stand with us through missions giving!  What a difference that would make!

With your help, we can move forward and see many lives transformed by God’s grace.

As we consider the financial challenges we face, we’re confident God will provide for us. We trust through the faithful gifts of our friends, He will abundantly provide and empower us to continue serving Him.

Click on this link to go to our secure donation siteYou can also mail donations to:

Wesley Putnam Ministries
1320 Brown Trail
Bedford, TX  76022

Please forward this blog to others who might be interested in standing with us.

I look forward to hearing from you.  There is still much work to be done for the Kingdom, and Felicia and I are committed to that task.  We just need your help to make it happen.

The Master’s Storyteller,

Wesley Putnam

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