Africa Report from Felicia

We had a good flight to Lagos, Nigeria, this morning. We woke at 3:45 a.m. to leave at 4:30. Flight was to leave at 6. Delayed. Good thing. We made it through customs at 6!  The agent checking my passport couldn’t find my entry stamp and told me there was no record of my entering the country. I looked at him stupefied and said, “I’m here!”  Fortunately he did not get upset!  Another agent looked up my arrival on the computer and okayed my departure without further incident. Our plane finally arrived at 7:24. Good thing we had allowed for African time. We got settled in Wesley House, had a short rest, & piled back into our van (12 of us + the driver) and went to a very formal meeting with the Prelate of Nigeria!!!  We were served tea and a box lunch of fish (complete with bones), 2 kinds of rice, a cube of beef, mashed & gelled black-eye peas, & soft drink or water.   All in all, a very blessed time.

My faith is renewed in the church. Cecil Williamson has joined us this week, and it was remarkable to hear from the Bishop and others of the scope of his work across the years. Wesley & I have a fresh vision for our work as well. We are leaving a CD of Songs for the Quest at each location and giving permission to duplicate at will for distribution to children. The head of communication of the church said he can get it on the radio with 2 million listeners. They are creating resources to disciple children as well as adults, but are glad for resources. Wesley is highly energized!!!  We have the rest of the day here for team meetings and worship before we separate into 3 groups and travel to different locations. Tomorrow after lunch we all fly to Calabar, spend the night there, & then drive on. We will be in Ikom. Dirt roads all the way.  Please keep the prayers coming!!!!!

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