The Master’s storyteller in Carthage TX – March 4-7

After returning from Africa, I had a few days to catch my breath, and then headed off to Carthage, TX. It was a delight to be with Rev. Keefe Cropper. We discovered we had many friends in common. I’m not sure how we had not run into one another before now. He and his wife, Tina, are wonderful people. (By the way, please be in prayer for Tina. She suffered a heart attack a few weeks after our meeting. She continues to improve, but needs all the prayer she can get.)

I really enjoyed the congregation. The hospitality was great, the worship was heart felt, the joy was contagious. I believe God has some great plans for the future of these believers!

leading worship. There was a wonderful spirit in the services!

This was one of those sanctuaries where the singing reverberated through the room. Great acoustics! It made the worship fun!

It was a blessing to be a part of this wonderful congregation.

I love being a storyteller! There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing hearts open up to God as His Word comes alive for them.

Jonah is fast becoming a favorite!

We had great crowds all week.

I am amazed at how storytelling connects with people. They came out in force to hear the Gospel and responded with enthusiasm!

Children came to the front of the church and were “locked-in” as the characters came to life in front of them.

Even the kids were paying attention!

Keefe and I are already planning a return visit one day in the future! I look forward to it!

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