The Master’s storyteller in Gadsden, AL at Bellvue UMC Mar. 11-14

Taylor and Jenny Gallman have been friends for years. Taylor’s dad was one of my favorite people, Andy Gallman, an evangelist from Mississippi. He went home to be with the Lord many years ago, but I will never forget him or the influence he had on my own ministry. It was a delight to be able to minister in Gadsden with his son.

Taylor Gallman is the pastor at the Bellvue UMC.

The meeting went very well. It was a very busy week. In addition to speaking each evening and working with the children in BibleQuest, I spoke in three schools and a rehab center. The storytelling opens up all kinds of doors! Many are surprised to find out that Bible stories can be told in schools. However, the Bible is still in our school libraries, Bible classes are allowed, and the stories can be told. I am not allowed to pray with the children, but I can tell them the stories. I always use the stories in the public school setting to make a more secular point dealing with issues applicable to the age group I’m addressing.

I speak to over 10,000 children in public schoos each year.

The congregation was very supportive of the event and we had good attendance each evening. We had some exciting times of worship.

The times of worship were refreshng.

Praise is the language of heaven. God lives in the praises of His people.

Rejoice in the Lord always!

The altar was a place where hearts were drawn to a deeper faith. I believe God changes our world and that He does it one heart at a time.

Prayer changes things, because prayer changes us.

Pray for this congregation as they seek to be faithful in their ministry in Gadsden. The community has had some difficult days with the closing of a plant that employed many in the town. They are finding that God is faithful and He is their provider.

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