April 2014

                                                        Welcome to First United Methodist Church, Arcadia, LA



Across the years I’ve been to Arcadia, LA, many times.  Some of our dearest life friends are in this town.  It was great to be back and share with these dear people.



This is a beautiful old church.  I love these windows.


We had a great spirit in the services and the stories were a big hit for young and old.




I had a great time with the children in BibleQuest.   They were filled with excitement each night. Here are the medal winners.


First United Methodist Church, Coushatta, LA

May 6-9



This was my first time to work with Rev. John Kavanaugh.  I was greatly impressed with this young man.  He is really doing a great job here in Coushatta.  In a short time, he has helped the church to move forward in the construction of a beautiful new plant.  There is a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm as they look to the future.  It was also a delight to meet people who were life-long friends with one of Felicia’s aunts.  She had been the postmaster here for many years.  I will post some pictures of the rest of the windows at the end of this blog.  They were amazing!


I love having the privilege of leading worship and sensing the presence of the Spirit among God’s people.



Here is Jonah, calling people to follow God, where ever He may lead.



The boys and girls were a delight to work with!  They were full of enthusiasm and worked hard all week memorizing Scriptures.

These medal winners were so excited!

Here are the other windows in the church.  They were so beautiful!



windows 6








Community of Hope UMC, Mansfield, TX May 12-15


I’ve known Joe Carmichael for many years and love him an his wife, Pam.  It was an honor to work with him here at Community of Hope.  One of the things that made it special, was that he wanted me to come to be a part of this congregation as they plan to move in transition to a new pastor.  Joe will be retiring this year after over 40 years in ministry.  This is a congregation he planted nearly 15 years ago, and they do love their pastor and family.  I loved the sanctuary!  It is really set up for the music and storytelling.  I loved having the chance this week to enjoy the leadership of the worship pastor, Dustin Bauerle, and his bands.



There was such a great response to the stories!  One night, before I even finished the invitation, an elementary aged boy marched down the center aisle and fell to his knees at the altar.  Rev. Carmichael knelt across from him and quietly led him to the Lord.  What a blessing!  The next night, he came to me and thanked me for coming.  He then said, “I heard that you are a preacher too.  Can you come to our church after pastor Joe retires?”   How awesome was that!


Here are our BibleQuest medals!  What an awesome group of kids!



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