august 31

I got a phone call today. My middle son, Philip gave me a call while he was waiting for a flight home from New York. He did a pretty fair rendition of “Happy Birthday to you”. It’s always fun to be sung to, even when it’s early. But, the best part was the way he ended our conversation. “Dad, I’m glad you’re here to celebrate this one.” A year and a month after the heart attack, I’m pleased to be here and enjoy this day. More importantly, I’m glad to know God has given me another opportunity to spend time with Felicia, enjoy our precious grandchildren, cheer on our boys, and tell a few more people that God can make a difference in their lives.

As I’ve watched the devastation Katrina has left behind I’m reminded that tragedy does change your perspective on what really is important. It’s not our “stuff”; it’s the incredible treasure of family and friends. Thank you God for life. Happy birthday indeed!

I’m going to my first session of cardiac rehab at 2:00 today. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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