BibleQuest and Dayspring in Friona, TX May 9-12

When I first began ministry in Northwest Texas in the late 70’s, Felicia and I served near Friona in the small town of Lazbuddie.  It was a joy to be back in the area and even see some of the faces of life-long friends in the audience.

Sunday morning we began with a sermon in song.  The church in Friona has a recording ministry, so you can check out the video of the sermon online, if you like.  It is on May 9 and is divided into two parts.

ron colwell 1.jpg

We were delighted to be able to work with Dr. Ron Colwell.  He is back in the Northwest Texas conference after serving for a time in Nashville as the International Director of the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus.




We had a great time in Friona.  The people were so responsive to the stories and the times of worship.



The children loved BibleQuest.  They really got into the music and learned so much.


The congregation loved hearing them sing on the closing night of Dayspring.


The medal winners worked hard and you can see they are quite proud of their accomplishments.

It was a joy to be back in our “home” area, to see old friends and to make new ones.  God is so good!

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