BibleQuest and Dayspring in Seminole, TX April 25-28

I was last in Seminole over 15 years ago, so we had the joy of running into some old friends as well as making new ones.  Marvin and Dianne Gregory have been good pastor friends for over 30 years.  Marvin has been in Seminole for 7 years and is doing a great job of ministry there.  The congregation has great affection for their parsonage family and their relationship is very comfortable and open.

Because there is a “Dayspring” church in Seminole, we opted to not use that name for our meeting.  Instead, we used the title, “The Master’s Storyteller”.  They made up their own promo materials using that theme and the community was not sure what to expect, but they were looking forward to it.


Here is James, the brother of Jesus.


I’m having a great time telling the story of Jonah.



We had great participation in each service, averaging their Sunday morning attendance all week.

We also had a fantastic time with the children in BibleQuest.  The kids were excited to be there.  I overheard one third grader begging his mother to stay for worship even though they had achievement tests that week.


This is the kickoff on Sunday morning with Felicia.


Each evening was filled with excitement as the children checked in.


They loved listening to the stories!

It was really a lot of fun working with them.


They did a great job in the closing program on Wednesday night.


These are our deserving winners of the “official BibleQuest gold medal”.

It was a great joy to be with this congregation and I look forward to hearing of the ways God is using these people to make a difference in Seminole.

Felicia and I are preparing to go to Friona, TX, next week.  Please pray with us that God will give fruit for His Kingdom during our time there.  We do know that God is at work and we just want to be tools in His hands to remind others of His great love.

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