I love Louisiana.  I have deep roots in this great state.  My great, great, great grandfather founded the little community and church in Indian Bayou.  While I was in Leesville, I even ran into some of my Hoffpauir cousins.  We had a great time trying to see where we sat in the branches of the family tree.

Hank Hamilton is pastor in Leesville.  This was our first time to work together, but the second time to be in this church.  Hank has a great heart for ministry.  His devotion to Christ is evident in his leadership.  The Church is hungry for God and is passionately seeking after Christ.

The BibleQuest went very well.  It was a delight to work with the boys and girls. Jennifer had things organized to a T.

The church responded enthusiastically to the storytelling format.  Each night we watched the crowds grow.  The worship was alive!  There were many who used this week to commit themselves anew to Christ and His Kingdom.

Here are a few pics from the week.


The kids were pumped when we told them all about BibleQuest.


They checked in each night and reported all they had done to earn their stickers and work towards that gold medal.



Each night they lined up and proudly quoted Bible verses they had learned.


They loved singing the BibleQuest songs.

The boys and girls did a great job in their closing ceremony.


Here are our winners of the “official BibleQuest Gold Medal”!


We had great participation from the adults each night as well.

All in all, it was a great week.  I believe God is working and fanning a spark into a real flame of renewal in Leesville, LA.

Felicia and I will be heading out for Big Spring and Denver City, TX on our next revival.  Watch for reports here.  Pray for us as we travel, that God will use us to make a difference in the places he leads us.

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