BibleQuest and Dayspring in Terrell, TX July 25-28

We had a “hot time” in Terrell, TX.  I have worked with pastor David Rucker in about every church he’s pastored!  He and his wife, Cammille, have been great friends of ours.  We were delighted to share these days of renewal with them.  The church is absolutely beautiful.  It is most unique in its architecture and has amazing stained glass windows.  The people were wonderful!


The participation in worship was fun to watch.  They really sang out and gave their all in praise.


We had great attendance throughout the week.


They really enjoyed hearing the story of Jonah!


And Gideon is always a fun story to tell.  I love to see the way God uses these simple stories to touch hearts.


BibleQuest exceeded our expectations.  We had over twice as many elementary kids in BibleQuest as the church has in Sunday School.  We ran out of books and had to have more shipped in!


They did a great job in the closing program.


They worked hard for the “official” Gold medals.

It was a great week.  One of the members emailed me and shared what God had done in her life.

“Though we attend church regularly, I still always felt somewhat disconnected from God.  Dayspring for me was a complete and total renewal of my spirit. A complete RECONNECTION. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I have gone from being a ‘glass half-empty’ person to a ‘glass over-flowing’ person.”

What a wonderful testimony!  We rejoice when we see God move like this in people’s hearts.  Please pray with us as we continue to walk through the doors He opens for us.

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