Storytelling at FUMC, Tulsa, OK August 1

Krista Sessions has been a friend for many years.  We met at Ceta Canyon where I have been a storyteller for 32 years.  I was so delighted when she called and asked me to come and tell stories for her in Tulsa at FUMC where she is now working with the elementary children. She has such a heart for children and longs to introduce them to her best friend Jesus. It was an honor to be asked to be a part of that task.

This is a great church that stands in the heart of Tulsa.  Their pastor, Wade Paschal, was a fellow student at Asbury Theological Seminary the same years I was there.  He is having a fantastic ministry there.

Here are some pictures of the morning of music and storytelling I shared with the elementary department of this church.  A couple of hundred boys and girls were “locked in” on the story.  My prayer is that it went “down, down deep” in their hearts.






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