BibleQuest and Dayspring in Livingston, TX August 8-11

Felicia and I had a wonderful meeting in Livingston, TX.  We’ve known the pastor, Mike Mayhugh, for many years.  He grew up in the congregation at FUMC, Bedford, where we worshiped for many years.  He is really doing a great job in Livingston.  This church has a very strong prayer ministry, and it was evident from the first service that this meeting had been completely covered in prayer.   God was moving in a powerful way.  We had fantastic participation, averaging the Sunday morning attendance all through the week.  The congregation was incredibly responsive to the stories.  It was an awesome week.  Below are some pictures taken while we were there.

Attendance was strong all week long.

There was a genuine spirit of worship in the services.

Each evening started with a fellowship meal.  The fellowship hall was packed every night and the food was really good.

One fear a lot of pastors have when scheduling a renewal event is that the people will not come out for evening services.  In church after church we are seeing crowds like this to hear the Bible stories.  Here is Daniel telling his story one of those evenings.

Another thing that blesses us is to see the way God works in people’s hearts.  There is a lot of business done at the altar where lives are drawn closer to God.


We had a great time in BibleQuest.  With so many things to do and so many demands on a kid’s time, many chose to be in church each evening to sing, memorize Scripture, and hear stories.   In this church, we even had adults come on their own, without children!

Here are the proud Gold medal winners from Livingston.  They did a great job! The child with two medals memorized the most scriptures in his grade group, and also brought the most friends.

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