Dayspring and BibleQuest at St. John’s UMC, Richmond, TX Aug. 22-25

I last worked with David and Cathy Luckert when they were in Chandler, TX.  I love their heart for ministry and the way they interact with the church and community.  We had a great time in Richmond!  We had good crowds and an enthusiastic reception.


Since we began using storytelling as the ministry format, we have seen our attendance in the revivals increase dramatically. (no pun intended.)

We saw crowds like this even when the thunderstorms  blew in!

Elijah has been a big hit.  It’s amazing how a story that is thousands of years old can be so current.


I enjoy watching the faces of the congregation as they hear the story.


They did enjoy the times of worship.

Our BibleQuest group was small, but made up for it with enthusiasm.  They were a fun bunch of kids to work with.

Here are the hard-working medal winners.  I love this picture!
We were blessed to be a part of this wonderful fellowship.  God was present and hearts were drawn to Him.  Thanks for praying for us.

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