Cedar Falls, IA, September 21-24

What a great time of revival we had in Cedar Falls! Rev. Bruce Ursin and his staff was a delight to work with. They had things ready to go when I arrived. I was a bit distracted, wanting to be with our new grandson, Elijah Thomas, but we pressed on. The church was very responsive and we had great crowds. Rev. Ursin said that it was among the best attended meetings he’s had in this church.

Here is a note I received from one of the members on the last night. “Thank you so much for coming to our church to share your message. I have very much enjoyed this revival experience. Your talks have helped me experience God in a new way, and I know that I will never be the same spiritually. …Good luck as you journey from here. I am excited for the churches you are scheduled to visit. I know they will be truly blessed. Thank you again for introducing God to me in a new way.”

It is so good to hear that God is making a difference in people’s lives. That is what this ministry is all about.

BibleQuest was a lot of fun. The boys and girls were so excited about memorizing the Bible verses, hearing the stories, and singing the songs. Here is the picture of my medal winners for this week. They were well deserving of the honor. One girl was a double medal winner, for bringing the most friends and memorizing the most verses in her age group.


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