Ceta Canyon Elementary One Way camp

I first was a storyteller in 1979 and have told stories in children’s camps every year since.  Most of the stories I tell in revivals in local churches came out of these camps.  I love being a part of this ministry to children.  Over the past 33 summers, we’ve seen incredible fruit.  There have been thousands of decisions made for Christ.  Some of the campers are now in ministry as pastors and missionaries around the world.  Their call to ministry came out of an encounter with God at this camp.  This camp was started by Jim Terry and is being carried on now by Steve Gains, Lloyd Stice, Les Hall, and Jerry Ann Booe.  The volunteers  have such a love for the kids! In many ways, this camp is a family reunion.

When we arrived in the canyon we were amazed at how close the wild fire had come to the buildings.  We only lost a couple of unused out buildings and part of one of the staff houses.  Everything else was in tact.

fire close2.jpg

You can see the bare hills just next to the camp where the fire burned all the foliage.

old cabin.jpg
This is what was left of one of the old boys cabins.

We were so relieved God spared this special place for ministry.  It was as though His hand held back the fire.  He knew that He was going to be at work in this place changing hearts.

There was great worship.


Felicia, Jennifer, and Courtney help Jaime Nunn on the worship team.


I loved watching the faces of the kids as they sang.



There was such a sweet spirit as the volunteers prayed with the children.


The altar response is always my favorite part of camp.  Over half of the boys and girls were praying with the volunteers at the close of the Wednesday night story.  They were 4 and 5 deep at the altar rail.  When I gave the invitation, it was a wave of kids.  Awesome!


We will know the full truth of what God did this week, only when we are in heaven together.  It is great to see the way God moves.  These boys and girls are the perfect age to hear and respond.


Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.  So many prayed for us this week, and God showed up!

I am especially thankful for the friends who partner with us and give faithful support to our ministry.  Camps like Ceta are not able to provide the financial support our ministry needs.  The gifts of our partners make it possible for us to say “yes” when we get an invitation to come.  I praise God for their willingness to stand behind our ministry.  To become a part of our support team, just click here.

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