The Master’s Storyteller in Owasso, OK

Felicia and I had a wonderful time in Owasso.  One – because it was really close to our youngest son’s home in Tulsa and we got to play with the grandchildren.  Two – because the church was well prepared and we had an amazing week.  I worked with Rev. Chris Tiger years ago when he was in Altus, OK.  He is an amazing pastor.  He has been in Owasso for over 13 years, and God has used him to build a powerful community of faith.  They have a heart for worship, outreach, and missions.  They are reaching into their community and meeting the needs of those who are in need.  They have a tremendous ministry to children and one of the most exciting kid-friendly spaces I’ve ever seen in a local church.  Chris has put together a very effective team that works  well together.

We had great participation each night.  The folks came out in force and brought friends and neighbors with them.

Crowd enjoys Daniel
It was great to see such big crowds on week nights. Here they are hearing the story of Daniel.


Do you notice how some of sitting up and leaning forward? This is a sign that attention is being paid.

Here is Jonah as a south Louisiana Cajun. I have a blast telling this story!


I never get tired of seeing someone enjoy themselves in church. Isn't that what the Psalmist said, "It was GOOD to be in the house of the Lord."
Look at the face of this little boy. Was he into it, or what?

I so enjoyed watching the congregation enjoy the stories.

We had strong response to the call for commitment. Folks were doing serious business with God!
We had strong response to the call for commitment. Folks were doing serious business with God!

When the stories were over, many found their way to the communion rail.

Every night the boys and girls lined up to quote the verses they had learned. This is only a small portion of the ones who said their verses that night.


BibleQuest was so much fun.  This church has one of the most effective children’s programs I’ve ever seen.  They are making it their priority to reach kids for God and they are putting their money where their mouth is.


The boys and girls worked really hard and impressed the congregation with all they had learned on the last night.
This is the congregation responding to the BibleQuest closing program. They loved it!
Look how proud these kids are. They should be. They worked hard for these medals!

Felicia and I were blessed to have the privilege of working with Chris and his staff.  I look forward to hearing all that God is going to do in this great church in the future.

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