As I write this, Felicia and I are at Ceta Canyon, near Amarillo, Texas.  This is holy ground for us.  Over the next few days we will be working with nearly 300 elementary age children – felicia with music and I will be the storyteller.  This is my 31st time to tell stories for this age group.  In the past 30 years, we have seen nearly 3,000 boys and girls give their hearts to Christ.  Hundreds more have answered the call to full-time ministry.This week we have one of our grandsons with us.  He is so excited to be coming to Ceta Canyon.  We also have the son of one of our earlier campers.  His mother accepted Christ at the communion rail of this camp and now he is here to experience the presence of God at Elementary One-Way camp. Please pray for the children, staff, and volunteers as they come together this week for an exciting adventure with God.  Pray for safety, open hearts, and changed lives.Remember to go by our web page and check out the blog.  There are lots of fun pictures from Dayspring celebrations that have been held all over the nation.  Felicia and I have been in nine states already this year.Continue to pray for financial provision for our ministry.  We are experiencing a significant drop in income as a result of this financial crisis.  Please pray about a gift to Wesley Putnam Ministiies this month.  You can contribue online using paypal.  The link for donating is


Be sure to check the schedule so you can pray for us as we travel.  Remember to check out itunes where you can find several of our albums.  You can also find me on facebook…

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