BibleQuest in Lovelady, TX, June 21-24

Lovelady, TX is a small community in East Texas between Crockett and Huntsville.  The little church building is nearly a century old.  What a great time we had.  There were many in the community who came from other churches to participate.  On Sunday, the Assembly of God provided a Bar-b-que lunch in appreciation to the Methodists for helping their pastor and family with a place to live after their home burned down.

BibleQuest was a wonderful success.  There was a small group of children, but they were there early each night and eagerly memorized Bible verses.  These kids memorized over 200 verses in just 4 days.  It was a delight to work with children who were this excited and appreciative.

On the last night one of the women in the church brought some beautiful roses for Felicia in gratitude for her work with the children.  She had one of the children help present the roses.  Felicia felt like “Miss Lovelady”.

Below you will find some pictures of our time in this lovely community.


Proud medal winners.

What a fun bunch of kids!

One of the gorgeous stained glass windows.  I loved the image of our Good Shepherd who looks for that one lost sheep.

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