It was so great being in McGuire UMC in West Monroe this week.  This is the church where Felicia was raised and where we were married.  Although the building and location has changed, many of the same people are still there, even after 37 years!  Felicia had been so looking forward to this homecoming and to visiting with friends of her parents, both of whom have been in heaven for over 30 years.  She had the  opportunity to speak a few personal words to the congregation on Sunday morning, telling them what a blessing it was to worship again with the folks “who raised her up in the Lord.”  Rev. Michi Head has been there for over 12 years and has done a great job of leading them.

Here is the picture of our BibleQuest medal winners.  They were so excited about memorizing Bible verses.  Notice the little fellow on the left is wearing TWO medals–one for memorizing the most verses in his age group, and one for bringing the most friends out of the whole group.


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