We got this letter this month.  It is a testimony about the effect of BibleQuest in the lives of kids.  I have had similar stories told to me, but it’s neat to see it in writing.

“Dear Wesley and Felicia,

It has been many years since we connected with your ministry at Groesbeck UMC in Cincinnati, OH.  Our kids were very young, but attended the BibleQuest sessions that you did.

The other night at dinner, someone mentioned a book in the Bible and couldn’t quite find it.  Our oldest son (who is now 15) began singing your song to books of the Bible and immediately all three kids began singing the song!  It brought back good memories for us and made us very thankful for the investment you made in our children.  Thank you.”


Cincinnati, OH

Now that makes all the work, travel and effort worth it! What a delight to see lasting fruit.  It has been nearly 10 years since we were in that church!  God is Good.

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