I recently went to the heart doctor for some tests and a basic checkup. One of the tests was a stress test, where I was hooked up to wires and checked out as I walked on a treadmill. The technician who was working with me was a delightful woman from Puerto Rico. She was filled with joy as she did her job. She hummed and laughed and told stories of her life. It was fun being around her.

As she worked, I asked some questions about how she got here and how long she had been working with this doctor. As she answered, she began to describe how she viewed her job. “My job is very important. I am the “eyes” of the doctor. If I don’t do my job right, he can’t help you.”

Her job wasn’t hooking people up to a computer and watching them as they walked on a treadmill. She was doing something much more important. She was making sure that the Doctor had all the information he needed to help me.  She looked beyond her daily tasks and saw the value in what she helped accomplish.  Perspective makes all the difference!

My job is to help people see Jesus in such a way that they can understand what He taught and trust their lives into His hands.  I am a clay pot that contains an incredible treasure. I am a hose that dispenses living water to a thirsty world.

What is your job?

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