County wide revival in Louisville, MS September 23-26



One of the gorgeous windows in FUMC Louisville




Would you believe all the churches in Winston County meet together every other year for revival services?  Wow!  This was one of the highlights of our year.  Rev. Mike Childs was a delight to work with.  He has a wonderful spirit and a deep faith that permeates his ministry.  One of the neat things about his ministry is that FUMC Louisville is the church he grew up in.  His mother is a member of his congregation.  It has been a great match.

The week was quite busy.  We had lunch meetings in a different church each day, and had great attendance.  I’m not sure it was for the preaching or the incredible, bountiful covered dish lunch with LOTS of desserts. 😎

The stories were a big hit. From young to old, they hung on every word. So much fun!


Attendence was very strong. When this many Methodists show up for a revival, the whole community starts talking.


Even in the evening, the room was full. I loved that it was interracial. The response was enthusiastic!


Man, did the kids ever get into BibleQuest. The numbers grew each night and they had a great time. Here they are quoting verses they've memorized. This is planting seed in hearts that will live forever!


Here is a little boy being a prop in one of my stories. He was a “mean, ugly weed”. Too cute!


Here are some of the pastors praying with those who have responded to the altar call. God was moving in Louisville!


Prayer changes things, because it changes us.


Here are the winners of the official BibleQuest gold medal in Louisville, MS


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