Dayspring and BibleQuest Childress, TX Dec. 6-9

George Price and I both graduated from Asbury Seminary, but he reminds me he graduated first – by about 30 seconds.  We sat next to one another on graduation day.  What a great brother!  He has had me come and share in ministry in most of the churches he’s served since then.  Felicia and I count him and Karen among our dearest friends.  It was a joy to have some time to be with them again.

I was last in Childress over 16 years ago.  It was good to be back and share with the folks there.  By every measure, this was a great week.  The kids loved BibleQuest and were very enthusiastic about it.  The adults came out in great numbers all week long.  One of the things that makes that special is that the weather was not good “Methodist” weather.  It was downright COLD.  Still, the room was comfortably full for each service.  God was busy working in lots of hearts, and it was such an honor to be there to witness it.

Below are some pictures of the BibleQuest kids and the crowd.  God is good  –  All the time.

Felicia always does a great job with the BQ kickoff.


Here are the boys and girls doing their thing in the closing ceremony.  Notice the newly redesigned BibleQuest tee shirts.  Philip helped us with this.   Don’t they look great!

We were very pleased with the great attendance.  Check out this crowd on a week night in West Texas.

And here are the medal winners.  There are two pictures because one of the winners was out of town on the last night, and she recieved her award on Sunday morning.


Join us in praying that God will continue to pour out a spirit of renewal across this community.

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