Dayspring and BibleQuest in Mineola, TX November 1-4

Rev. Dan Danheim is pastor in Mineola.  I was with him a few years ago in his previous church and we struck up a friendship.  We have had some wonderful times of fellowship with Dan and his wife Kathy in the past few years.  The United Methodists of Mineola are greatly enjoying having this family in their church.

I don’t believe you could have ordered any better weather for the week.  Beautiful, clear fall days with very pleasant temperatures made it easy to get to church.  The attendance was strong each evening and the response from the congregation was most gratifying.  God was working overtime this week and it showed in the faces of the people.  On the last day as we were about to pull out of town, we had a sweet time with the men who showed up to help load up our equipment into the motor home.  We were reminded again of the privilege God has given us.  He lets clay pots carry the treasure of His Kingdom.

One of the added blessing this week was the open door to speak in a public school to a couple of hundred elementary children in the Alba-Golden school district.  The principal was very glad to have me there.  It’s amazing how many doors the art of storytelling has opened in the past 29 years of ministry.


Here are the boys and girls waiting for the story to start.  They were incredibly well behaved.


I have been adding a new story to Dayspring lately.  I tell the story of Jonah and the Whale.  Jonah is presented as a south Louisiana cajun.  “Let me told you about the one that caught me!”


Here are the official BibleQuest medal winners along with Rev. Danheim and his new children’s director, Jamie Funderburk.

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