BibleQuest at Hardy Memorial UMC in Texarkana October 25-28

We had fun in Texarkana.  The boys and girls who participated in BQ were really excited.  Felicia and I love the time we have with children each week.  It is AMAZING to us to see how much they can learn in four short days.  I have had many high school and college age kids come and tell me they still remember the books of the Bible they learned when they were in BQ.


Here is Felicia introducing the boys and girls to BibleQuest.

bqkids.jpg Each night Felicia does the preliminaries and celebrates the things done to earn the BQ stickers.   She does a great job with the kids.


Here is a mother helping her children memorize Scriptures.  This is one of the things we love about BibleQuest.  We have designed it to have a component of family support.


Each evening the kids come in and check in with their books.  They love earning the stickers!


There is a closing program where the kids “strut their stuff”.

Here are the happy medal winners.

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