Dayspring at Hardy Memorial UMC in Texarkana October 25-28

We have been on the schedule for Hardy Memorial for several years.  Rev. Gary Masterson called and asked me to come and lead a revival as one of the first things he did in his new building.  The schedule kept getting pushed back, but finally, the building was completed.  I had the privilege of singing in the dedication service on Saturday and beginning revival services the next day.


This is Rev. Masterson.  He was a true delight to work with.


Their band did a great job sharing prelude music each night.

wesfe worship.jpg
It was great fun leading worship with Felicia in this wonderful new space.


The crowds were great and they did enjoy singing and praising God.

These Methodists even came out on weeknights to worship.


The stories were well received.  It is amazing how God uses these simple stories to reach people.


Each night the altar response was evidence of God’s Holy Spirit answering prayer.

Thanks to all who faithfully pray for Felicia and me as we go from place to place.  God is answering those prayers.

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