Dayspring and BibleQuest in Gruver TX Oct. 17-20

This is a return visit to Gruver.  I was last there over 20 years ago, when our kids were still at home.  I have always loved this church.  They have had a heart for evangelism and missions for many years.  It was a delight to be back.  I have also worked with their pastor, Rev. Brad Reeves in just about every church he has pastored.  The groundwork had been done through some serious prayer and it showed!


We had good crowds and enthusiastic worship.  There was a great mix of age groups and the community was buzzing with word of what was going on at the UMC.


Before the week was out, we had over 60 kids involved in BibleQuest!  Boy, did we have a great time with them.  One of the reasons our attendance was so good among the children was the opportunity I had to speak at the school.  Hundreds of kids sat spellbound and listened to one of my stories.  I average speaking to about 10,000 kids every year.  That’s been going on now for nearly 30 years!   That’s over a quarter of a million kids!


Our goal is to get boys and girls interested in memorizing scripture and open to giving their hearts to Christ.  I couldn’t have a better job.


Here is Brad Reeves with the medal winners.  What a great looking bunch of kids.  They were so much fun to work with and I believe God will do great things with them in the future.  Gruver is a place where God is at work and hearts are committed to building His Kingdom.  I am so happy I had the privilege of serving there for this week of renewal.

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