Dayspring and BibleQuest in Silverton TX Oct. 24-27

As we got started in Silverton last Sunday, Rev. Rance Young informed the church that I was last there in May of 2002.  He told them that he remembered that date so well because he was sitting about halfway down on the left side of the church when I closed the service with prayer and he surrendered his life to the ministry.  crowd1.jpg

Now he was pastor of the church where he had received that call.  I was so blessed to know that God had used this ministry in such a significant way in his life.

We had a great time in Silverton.  We’ve been to this church several times across the years of our ministry and it has always been a delight to work with these folks.  This church is a close knit community of believers who will do anything to help one another.  I so enjoyed being with them and they responded so well to our time there.  CROWD2.jpg

I had a lot of kids in BibleQuest who had been involved in our camps at Ceta Canyon where I have been the storyteller for over three decades.



I had a great time speaking to the kids in school.  We had K-12 in one assembly.  They were such a great audience!

One of the results of speaking to the school was a great turnout for BibleQuest.  Check out this crowd!  It was about half of the elementary school that showed up for worship!


This is a pic that a group of kids wanted taken.  I am standing with Rev. Rance Young.


And here are the winners of the official BibleQuest gold medals.  There are over a hundred memorised Bible verses  represented by these kids.

I praise God for the privilege of being a part of such a great community.  The Lord is at work in Silverton, TX.

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