Dayspring and BibleQuest in Lufkin, TX Nov. 7-10

I love Nick and Marty Scholars!  Nick has asked me to come and minister in just about every church he has pastored!  We have always had a great time together.  This was no exception.  FUMC Lufkin is a happening place.  There is a strong emphasis on prayer and worship.  I was thrilled with the participation and with the response of the people. Felicia and I were delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of this great fellowship of faith.


We had great crowds each evening.

The worship was heart-felt.  It was a great room to work in.  This is where they have their contemporary service.  Great sound, lights, and atmosphere.


God is using sorytelling to reach the hearts of His people.  Here is Elijah calling for commitment to the One True God.

Congregations continue to respond to the gentle working of the Holy Spirit.


We had a blast with the children in BibleQuest.

The children had a great time!  They were so much fun to watch.


They did a great job and wowed everyone with all they had learned!


Here are the hard-working medal winners.  These boys and girls memorized hundreds of verses this week.

We are so grateful for the open doors God continues to give us for ministry.  I am blessed to have a job that I delight in.  There is nothing that excites me more than seeing hearts drawn to a closer walk with God.  Please continue to pray for us as we travel.

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