NEW CD, “Treasures” is completed!

Treasures Cover(2).jpg

I have not been this excited about a project for many years.  These songs have come out of my heart and express the core message of my ministry.  The most precious things in life are not things.  We are given the greatest “treasures” in the relationships of our lives.  These songs talk about the incredible riches God has given us and calls us to never take them for granted.

I have a great way for you to enjoy this new music.  The CD’s will be in soon, but the songs are available NOW on itunes.   If you will go to itunes and download the new album, I will send you a CD as soon as they come in for FREE.  That’s right, a two-fer.  Click on this link, download the album, then send an email to with the date you downloaded the CD, your name and address, and I will ship a free CD of “Treasures” to you.  This offer will be available until December 31.

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