“Treasures” CD has arrived! CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!

We got the first part of the shipment in today!  I am so thrilled with how this project has turned out.  Some of these songs have been “in the hopper” for over 10 years, and now they are recorded and ready to be heard.

When I was preparing to record, I was searching for the right person to produce.  I prayed, sought advice, and searched.  I then remembered an artist that has been one of my favorites for a couple of decades, Wayne Watson.  He is from small town, Louisiana, and is a prolific songwriter with many awesome hits to his name.  I wasn’t sure he would be willing to do it, but I garnered up a little nerve and asked.  Sure enough, he said yes!

Working with Wayne has been a true delight!  He offered a wealth of experience and his amazing talent to this project and made these songs sparkle.  He was so easy to work with and went way beyond what I could have ever expected in his investment of time and effort.

Be sure to check out his ministry.  He is doing some of his best work today!  His writing and his voice continue to declare his love for our Lord. Click here to learn more.

Treasures Cover.jpg

So, here’s the special.  Between now and Christmas, this new CD is only $10, and we’ll pay the shipping!  This is your chance to get a pile of these for yourself and family and friends as gifts or stocking stuffers.  Click on this link to get yours today!

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