Farwell, TX; Pratt, KS; Goddard, KS; and Tulia, TX

I have been remiss in publishing the blogs from our meetings this year.  No excuses, just haven’t done it.  My apologies to the boys and girls who have been looking for their pictures online after winning the medals.

Felicia and I are very excited to be in the thirtieth year of ministry in this work of evangelism.  These first few months have been quite busy and we have been delighted with the way things have gone.  We have ministered in all of the churches listed above on multiple occasions across the past 30 years.  So, we have had the joy of sharing with old friends and making new ones in each of these churches.  We rejoice in the spirit of renewal we have seen.

Here are some pictures from each of these churches…


Here is the congregation in Farwell enjoying the storytelling.


Some of the kids in Farwell, TX, enjoying singing in BibleQuest.

Biblequest program in Farwell.


Farwell, TX, Biblequest medal winners.


Valentines banquet in Pratt, KS.

BibleQuest medal winners in Pratt, KS.


Great crowd of children in Goddard, KS


The children love listening to the stories!


Felicia and I loved working with the children in Goddard, KS.


BibleQuest program in Goddard, KS.


BibleQuest medal winners in Goddard, KS.


Some of the children from Tulia, TX.


Children like these are why we do BibleQuest.


The kids in Tulia, TX sharing their closing program.  Great job!


Biblequest medal winners in Tulia, TX.

Felicia and I are greatly blessed to be able to minister in churches like these.  Pray for us as we continue to travel and share the Good News of God’s great love.

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