Dayspring in Hattiesburg, MS September 20-23

This was my second trip to Heritage UMC in Hattiesburg, MS.  It is really not the same church I went to three years ago.  They are in a wonderful new sanctuary and have over 300 new members worshiping there.  I have known Tommy Artmann since my seminary days at Asbury.  He has a heart for God and a deep love for people.  That is a great combination for a pastor.  He has assembled a talented staff to work along side him and they are making a difference for Christ in Hattiesburg.

Felicia and I had a blast working with this congregation.  The crowds were enthusiastic and responsive.  Worship was heart-felt.


The use of stories was well received.  I even told the story of Jonah and the whale with Jonah as a South Louisiana Cajun.



James, the brother of Jesus, declared God’s love for His people.


There was strong altar response.  After one service, a young woman came and told me that she had come at the invitation of a friend.  She said, “Tonight, as James told his story, it all made sense to me for the first time.  I am leaving this service a different person.  I am now a Christian.  Thank you for doing what you do.”


These were thrilling days in Hattiesburg.  We are grateful for all those who worked so hard during the week.  There was a great meal each night before the service, great prayer teams who met each night to pray for the services, members who not only attended, but invited others to come, fantastic helpers with the children during BibleQuest, and a hard-working staff who gave their best all week long.  Thanks to all.

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