Dayspring in Monett, MO Sept. 28-Oct. 1

This was my fifth time to be in Monett. What a great church. They are in a new sanctuary since I was there last, and it is beautiful! They are rightfully proud of it. They put a lot of effort and time into making sure it would be a great place for worship. The acoustics were perfect, the audio/visual was great, and the technicians were well trained. The pastor and staff had really worked hard to make sure that Dayspring would be a great success. We had good, enthusiastic crowds and heart-felt, exuberant worship. We had a good old-fashioned “pig roast” on Sunday evening that brought in a good crowd from the community. We saw a good number of them back each night.

One of the bonuses was that I had the privilege of speaking in three of the community schools. The pastor commented that he was amazed at how hundreds of kids were so attentive to the story and responded so positively to the message. I love getting opportunities like this.

BibleQuest was a lot of fun. Hundreds of verses were memorized! The place was buzzing with excitement each night. One night, three of the high school kids who had been in my BibleQuest when they were in elementary school, came in and sang the books of the Bible from memory. They still knew them! I was impressed!

Felicia and I are going to be in Los Alamos next week where we will be working with Rev. Dave Ring. I’ve had the joy of being in just about every church he has pastored in the past 20-plus years.
Pray with us that God will use these days to bring true revival to this community.

Here are some pictures of the BibleQuest and the medal winners…




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