Los Alamos, NM, October 12-15

We had a fantastic time in Los Alamos.  This is the fifth time I’ve been in revival with Dave Ring.  He has a history of having the church ready for renewal!   Los Alamos was a most interesting place.  It has a great history surrounding it as the home of the invention of the atomic bomb.  I probably spoke to more PHD’s in one building than I ever have in the past.  I believe there was even a nobel prize winner in the house.  But, even scientists need Jesus!  There was a warm reception to the presentations of the Gospel and a genuine appreciation for the use of storytelling.  They also had a strong music program and some fantastic talent that shared in each service.

Here is the picture of the BibleQuest medal winners.  It was a small, but excited group of kids.


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  1. We are so pleased with Annija’s hard work at memorizing so many verses. Her and her sister, Marija worked very hard. Thank you for giving them such great inspiration! Annija is the blonde girl and is eight years old.

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