Felicia and I packed up ready to go to the Gulf coast of Mississippi. We were there nine years ago near Biloxi. It’s been nearly 3 years since Katrina hit, and although not much is being said about it anymore, the devastation remains. We saw miles and miles of beach front property that had some homes and businesses being rebuilt, but many empty lots with only the slab remaining. We parked our motor home in an RV park that had been transformed into a FEMA village. Small RV’s with families still living in them after all these months. Some had wheel chair ramps built to provide handicap access. Things are improving, but are still far from good.

We spent a couple of days in that RV park and caught a few hours on the beach. It was good to get a little time to rest after a very busy April.

When we arrived in Pascagoula, there was a welcome party waiting. They were so excited! They had been covering the Dayspring in prayer. One lady took us on a quick tour of the facilities. As she led us into the sanctuary, she began to weep. “Isn’t it beautiful?”, she said. “We just got back into it three weeks ago. We’ve been meeting in our gym while this renovation was being done. Forgive me for crying. It’s just been so long.”

After all this church had been through, they were more than ready for some quality time with God. It was awesome to see the way they responded. Each night there was nearly a full house. The altar was full as people came to set things right with God. The children would move out of their seats and sit on the floor in front of the church to hear the stories. Children were begging their parents to bring them back. One mother said her child wanted to come back in the morning, and she had to explain that the service was not until evening.

Thanks so much for lifting this ministry in prayer. It really does make a difference.

As we were driving out of town, my cell phone rang. It was the pastor. He said, “Would you put us down for a return trip? The people here want you back as soon as you can come.”

That’s a good sign that a mighty God showed up and heard the prayers of His people.

Here are a few pictures of what happened in Pascagoula.


Listening to one of the stories.


Children would come and sit on the floor in front of me to hear and see better.


It warms my heart to see people respond to God like this.


Even children can hear God’s voice.

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