Dayspring in Williamsburg, OH June 1-4

What a great time Felicia and I had with the folks in Williamsburg, OH. This was our second time in this community, and they were so excited to be involved in Dayspring. We had great attendance, even on a stormy night. The church responded wonderfully to the stories of the heroes of our faith. Old and young were captured by the humor and moved by the Holy Spirit when the invitation was given. It was amazing to see the way God moved to bring joy into this church. You can see a little of it in the pictures I’ve included. Thanks for your faithful prayers. God is truly working and drawing many into His Kingdom through the “foolishness of preaching.”

These kids were really enjoying themselves!

A church full of smiles.


The boys and girls were entranced during the story.

The joy of the Lord is our strength.




Falling over laughing!!


Getting the point.

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