Dayspring in Pratt, KS Jan. 27-30 2008

Here is the picture of the medal winners in Pratt, KS.

These kids were terrific. Many had already learned the song with the O.T. books and use it in a puppet skit they do. It was awesome to hear them “belt it out”.prattbq.jpg

I found out that the pastor and I had attended Asbury Seminary at the same time.  We hadn’t seen each other since 1978.  He’s doing a great job in Pratt and the people are excited about what God is doing there.  They have a new worship band that is doing a super job.  The new contemporary service is already bringing in a lot of new people.  The church is committed to moving forward to reach this generation for Christ.  We had great crowds, even on the night the K. State played Kansas University.  Now that shows some real dedication.

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