A little boy was standing in an open field one night shining a small flashlight skyward.  His father watched for a time and then approached the lad.  “What are you doing with that little light, son?”  The boy responded, “I’m fighting the darkness, Daddy.” If you were to ask me why I’m going to churches and schools all across this land and sharing the gospel, I’d give you the same answer.  I am fighting the darkness.

You don’t have to look hard to find the darkness.  There seems to be no moral compass in place in this generation.   There is very little sense of decency found.  You can’t turn on your radio or television without being bombarded with risqué jokes, sexual situations, graphic violence or vile language.  Children are being offered condoms in public schools without parents being notified.   Illegal drug use is rampant.   More and more people are trapped in life-destroying addictions.  Millions of innocent babies are discarded each year through abortion.   There are not many families that haven’t felt the force of these and other powers of darkness.

Even the judicial branch of our government has become the enemy of people of faith.  New Jersey recently removed the tax exemption from the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association for refusing to marry gays in their tabernacle.  The state of California has just passed laws making it mandatory to present gay, bi-sexual, and trans-gendered people in a positive light in the school systems, and opens up penalties for nonprofit organizations and churches receiving state funding for programs that do not support and affirm homosexuality and alternate sexuality.  This may be just the beginning of increased persecution for Christian people in our land.

 If someone dares to protest, they are labeled “intolerant” or “narrow.”  Many are afraid to speak out for fear of being demonized and losing friendships, influence, or even jobs.   Thus, “good” is called “bad” and “bad” is called “good,” and there is no voice to counter it. 

Well, I feel that God has called me to be one of His voices in this generation.   I want to sound the warning and declare with Elijah of old, “There is only One God.  He has not changed His mind about right and wrong, and I have made up my mind to follow Him!” 

Sometimes I feel like it is too big a job.  The darkness is so vast and my light seems so small.  But, the truth is that everywhere my light points, it’s not dark there anymore.  My small light, when combined with the lights of thousands of others, can push the darkness back.

Will you help me to continue fulfilling this call on my life?  I can’t do it alone.  Felicia and I are on the road shining His light, as you make it possible.  The costs involved in keeping a ministry strong cannot be provided by offerings from local churches alone.  Those only provide about a third of our support.  It is friends like you who make up the difference.  With the turmoil in our nation’s economy, your support becomes even more important.   Will you sit down today and give a generous year-end gift to Wesley Putnam Ministries?  Will you join the army of people who pray for this ministry daily?  Will you determine that you will shine the light of God’s love where you live?  It’s time to fight the darkness. You do that by letting His light shine.

Thanks so much for your partnership with us.  

In His service,


 Wesley Putnam Ministries, 1320 Brown Trail, Bedford, TX  76022



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