Faith UMC, Vernon, TX March 2-5

Rev. Tom Carter is the pastor at Faith UMC in Vernon.  He is a bit like the circuit riders of old, in that he pastors two churches that are miles apart.  He preaches in each church on alternating weeks and the laity fill in when he is away.  This was the way things were done routinely in early methodism. 

This Dayspring was hastily arranged after a late cancellation.  They really did a great job of putting things together in a hurry.  We had good participation by both adults and children.  The church is working to attract children and young families.  They started an after-school program this year for elementary children and it is paying off.  Every Wednesday the church is alive with boys and girls and no one there seems to mind the noise and clutter.  It’s just so good to have children wanting to come to church.  Most of the kids who are involved in that program showed up for BibleQuest.  It was a lively week.  They took up three or four rows every night and stayed for the services.  It was awesome to see them getting excited about God’s Word.  One third grade boy came and told me he had memorized 26 Bible verses.  He was so proud! 

Another boy, who had not had much experience in a church setting, came to me on the closing night and asked if I would be back next year.  When I told him that would probably not be possible, he responded with and expletive.  I wasn’t offended.  I just thought it was great that he was right where he needed to be in a church where he could learn to love God and follow him.  Remember, you have to catch a fish before you can clean it.

 Thanks for your continued prayer for our ministry. 

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