Happy, TX, August 23-26

Happy, TX, “The town without a frown”, was a great place for a Dayspring.  Rev. Tom Stribling has done a remarkable job in this community.  The church was full of life and excitement.  We had great participation from all ages.  The church was packed in every service and the children were really into BibleQuest.  I even had the opportunity to speak in two of the public schools in town.  Felicia and I were delighted to have had this chance to work in Happy.  It was fun to see all the kids show up wearing jeans with BIG belt buckles.  When Felicia asked them how many were involved in softball, there were a couple of hands.  When she asked about rodeo, most of the hands went up.  I love West Texas!  On the last night, the children were literally dancing around us, singing the books of the Bible.  It was so much fun to watch.  I’ll try to post a video of that later.

Here are some pictures of this remarkable week.


Here is the crowd on one of the week nights.


Check out this group of kids!


Felicia working with BibleQuest.


They earned all their stickers!


Closing ceremony.


Here are the medal winners!  They really worked hard and had a LOT of fun.  BibleQuest rocks!

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