This was my first time to work with Rev. David Jenkins.  He and his family are fairly new to Mannford, OK, and are doing a good job reaching out to this community.  They are working hard to reach out to younger families in their community.  They have a “living room service” that is informal, laid back, and intimate.  The church gathers and shares in a time of fellowship before gathering on couches and comfortable chairs in a room lit by table-lamps.  The music is provided by a small group playing acoustic instruments is well done contemporary style.  I believe they will see this service continue to grow.

The Dayspring went well, although it was challenged by a strong community sports program and the close proximity of a large lake.  Mannford has been known as the Striper Bass capital of the world.  Still, we had a delightful time and great response.  Felicia and I were welcomed with open arms and we made a lot of new friends.

Here is the picture of our medal winners from the Mannford BibleQuest.  Mannford UMC is targeting the elementary age and have just hired a new staff person to reach out to these kids.  This ministry is just getting off the ground, but I look forward to hearing the good news of how God is using this church to minister to children.


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