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Dear friends,

We have had such an exciting year in ministry! Let me share some of the stories of amazing redemption and restoration we’ve seen and heard.

“I’ve got my son back! I’ve got my son back!” exclaimed a woman with eyes red from weeping as she walked up to me at end of a service.  She shared about a broken relationship with her adult son, where they hadn’t spoken a kind word to one another in years.  She had invited him to come hear The Master’s Storyteller, and to her surprise, he showed up.  God moved in his heart that night and her son’s relationship with God was restored.  As a result, his relationship with his mother was renewed.  There was an amazing, instant transformation in their lives!  That young man is now an active part of his church.

Later I heard from a father after Felicia and I ministered in his church. “I wanted to thank you again for your performances in a month ago and tell you what a positive, transformative influence they were for my family. My son had been stuck in an anger cycle over the divorce of myself and his mother, who for all purposes has abandoned him and his sister. He had been full of hate and anger for nearly two years. During the second night of revival, the grace of the Holy Spirit touched my son and allowed him the release of his anger. He has been a different person since. I had been contemplating intensive psychiatric intervention but that now appears to be  unnecessary. He now has the ability to find his way out of dark places in his life through Christ and has become a normal, much happier young man again.”

Another letter from another town said, “My ex went to the early service, and I went to the later one.  We both felt we heard from God through what you said, and after being divorced for three years, we started dating one another again.  We are now remarried and happier than we’ve ever been.  Putting God first in our marriage has made all the difference.  It works.”

The common thread to these stories is that each occurred in a small church that could not afford to bring our ministry to their towns if we charged a fee. Some of the most amazing, refreshing experiences we’ve had in ministry have been in those churches. When I began full-time evangelism over 30 years ago, I made a commitment as part of my calling: That I would go wherever I was asked, no matter how small the church or their ability to pay.

How have I been able to keep that commitment? The prayers and generosity of our friends make it possible!  Over two thirds of the resources needed to sustain this ministry comes in every month in the mailbox or through online donations.  We thank God for raising up people who want to invest in the His kingdom.  They have a part in every changed life!

Will you help us to go?  Will you to stand with us and make it possible for us to continue this vital work?  We need to build a stronger foundation so we can continue to answer the call from any church regardless of their size. Your gift this month is especially important as the ministry pulls off the road during the holiday season.  A generous year-end gift would be an incredible blessing to us.  In addition to that, please consider joining our team with regular gifts of any size.  Spread the word and ask your Sunday school class or church to join you in supporting this ministry of evangelism.

There is still so much to be done!  We continue to travel across the nation where hungry hearts await the Good News of God’s incredible love, mercy, and grace.  We also have invitations on our desk right now to travel to India, Africa, Cuba, and Jamaica to help establish children’s ministries and to share the Gospel through storytelling.  We are following up on an invitation to put together a radio program for children that would be aired across Nigeria.  These are opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults across the globe!

We’re excited about the future and believe God has some grand adventures ahead for us.  Please pray that we will be used effectively to help change lives for His Kingdom.

To make a year-end donation, click this link.

Thanks so much for your support.

The Master’s Storyteller,

Wesley Putnam


P.S.  We have just completed recording of one of our most popular stories, “Jonah”.  Be watching for the announcement of its availability after the first of the year!


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