January 2014


Wow!  This year is going fast!  I have been negligent in posting and need to catch you up on what’s been going on in the ministry.

Dr. Scott Wachter for years and have worked with him in several churches.  Great pastor with a heart for God.  Years ago, his daughter was one of my gold medal winners in BibleQuest.  She is in college now and still remembers all the books of the Bible from the BQ songs.
We had a great time in Surfside Beach and enjoyed being a part of their ministry.





We loved working with the children in BibleQuest.  Here are the happy gold medal winners!


While we were here, Felicia and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.  We thank God for blessing us with so many years together.

IMG_5107 IMG_5119 IMG_5061


After Surfside Beach, we headed over to Conway, SC, where I presented a concert at a Lutheran Church pastored by my brother, Jan.  he just happened to have moved into the area to become interim pastor for this church and asked me to come and share with them.  We had a great evening.  We had a full house!  And it was on very short notice.



The next day, we traveled a few miles west to the community of Andrews, SC.  This was my first time to work with Rev. Ben Gafford, however we’ve known one another for a long time.  We attended Asbury Seminary at the same time in the ’70’s.  Both Ben and his wife, Dora, are pastors in South Carolina.

We had a great (but short) time in his church.  We started out on Sunday and Monday with great crowds and some very excited children in BibleQuest.  However, the weather report on Monday revealed we were in for a terrible winter storm, with lots of ice and snow, that was to blow in after church on Monday.  So we had to cut the last two days of the revival and head for home.



Look at this great monday night crowd!  Things were going so well.


There was great excitement as I told the stories of the Bible characters!


God moved in many hearts and the altar response was great.


We really hated cutting the BibleQuest short!  These kids were really getting into it and were excited about coming back.  It is a good thing we closed early, as the next day they had an inch and a half of ice on everything and lost power in the town.  We hope to return there soon and see these wonderful friends again.


On our way home, we experienced trouble with the alternator in our motor home an ended up stranded for several days in Augusta, GA.  The good news about that was that the mechanical breakdown saved us the headache of getting stuck in the terrible traffic that hit Atlanta that day.  Instead of being in that terrible traffic jam, we were at a repair facility where we were plugged into power and water and were able to comfortably ride out the storm.


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