February 2014



February found us in a little warmer climate!  We pointed the motorhome south and headed to the valley of South Texas.


Our first event was in Harlingen, TX, February 9-12, at FUMC.  We had a good time with the “winter Texans” who migrate to the warmer climes each year.  Rev. David Payne is pastor here and we really enjoyed working with him.  We have many friends in the valley from our many visits across the years.  We love this part of Texas! (particularly in February.)


The folks were very open to the storytelling.  We were pleased with the attendance and with the spirit of worship in the services.  They have an amazing worship band in this church who really do a great job of leading the congregation to the throne of God.

It was wonderful to see the great response at the altar each night.  Hearts were tender to the call of God.



We absolutely LOVED the windows in this church .  Here are a couple of them.



Guess why we loved this one.  Let the children come to me!


From Harlingen, we moved on to Raymondville, TX, February 16-19.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with Rev. Devlon Goodman.  He is a former band director who is very talented musically.  He not only preaches, but works with the choir and the bell choir.  He even played a bell choir solo one night as a prelude.  He played every bell in the song by himself!  It was something to see!

We were blessed to be back here in Raymondville.  It’s been many years since we were last here, but the many of the congregation still remembered our previous visits.  There was a strong prayer foundation that had been laid, and we experienced the awesome blessing of God’s presence in the services.  When the altar call was given, hearts were ready and willing to respond.



In addition to our worship in the church, we had the privilege of sharing in two of the public elementary schools.  It was so much fun to see the children respond to the Bible story!  The teachers told me the kids were talking about the story for the rest of the day and were trying out the different voices they had heard.  Too much fun!

BibleQuest went very well.  The kids enjoyed the songs, the stories, and earning the stickers for all their hard work.  We do love children’s ministry.  They are so open to the Gospel.


Here are the medal winners from Raymondville.  They were so excited to have won!



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