March 27, 2007

After a short time away from our updates, we’re back.  We’ve been busy adding new features to our new website.  I hope you enjoy the new look. Take some time and check it out. The new online store should have all our products available soon. In the mean time, you can use it to purchase the new CD, Amazing Love.

The response has been very good to the release of this new project. We had a full page ad in the last issue of Good News Magazine. Their next issue will have an article about the new CD. There was also an article about our ministry in the Asbury Herald, the official magazine of Asbury Seminary. You can read the article in their online version, if you like. You will find it on page 12 of the PDF file.

One of the songs from Amazing Love, “Listen to the Angels Sing,” will be included in the May issue of SongDiscovery CD put out by Worship Leader Magazine. This CD goes to worship leaders all across the U.S. It’s fantastic exposure for the new songs! You can listen to full versions of four of the new songs on my myspace page.

Here’s another bit of good news — leadsheets for all of the songs from the new CD are available online as a free download. This will make it possible for worship leaders to begin to use them in their churches. Wow! That’s a lot of news! And I haven’t even begun to tell you about the ministry that has been going on in Dayspring services.

Felicia and I just returned from two long road trips. In February, we were in Georgia and Alabama and in March we’ve been in Virginia and North Carolina. We’ve been seeing highway markers in our sleep. Felicia has even gotten pretty good at pulling that fifth-wheel across country (as long as she doesn’t have to back up). The Lord has been working mightily in these services. Not only have we seen great fruit in the churches, we’ve also had opportunities to speak in schools. Hundreds of kids in public schools have been challenged to stand strong for what is right, even if they have to stand alone. I figure that over the past 26 years of ministry, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to over 250,000 young people in schools. That’s amazing to me.

The churches have been well prepared, and it has paid off in excellent attendance and full altar rails. I know it’s because of the prayers of so many of our friends that we see the hand of God so clearly in these revivals. One mother came to me and said, “My 10-year-old daughter felt the presence of God tonight for the first time. Thank you for making it possible for me to see that.” What a blessing to see so many lives touched for the Kingdom!
Felicia has been doing a great job helping me. She works so well with the kids in BibleQuest. She also has started helping me lead worship in the past couple of months. She has faithfully modeled worship before the congregations. Many have commented to her that God has made us into a great team. I couldn’t agree more!

By the way, be sure to click on the BibleQuest category on the right side of the screen and take a look at the BibleQuest medal winners. They’ve really worked hard and memorized lots of verses for those medals.
We will be in Nacogdoches, TX, beginning next Sunday. Please pray that God will move mightily in these days of renewal. You’ll never know how much we appreciate your partnership with us.

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  1. I am Jim Lenz. I was with you a few times at Ninth Street United Methodist in Decatur. I continue to follow your ministry through your Updates.

    At Ninth Street we had a Sunday afternoon prayer group before the evening service. You might remember Bruce & Anita McKinney, Bill and Peggy Mathews, Shirley Yarbrough, Abe Mayo, and David & Terri Riggs, just to name a few of the people in this group. We read a booklet “When God Stepped down from Heaven. This booklet tells about the Great Awakenings that started as a result of prayer. As a result of reading this booklet, God spoke to us about trying to get people all over world to pray for a: Worldwide Revival so Christians worldwide will be revived and the lost worldwide will accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. We started a monthly prayer meeting in September 2004 and have met every month but two since that time. We have a group meeting in Morgan County and a group meeting in the adjoining county (Limestone County). The following have recently joined in the effort: 1) Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 2) The Jeruselum Prayer Team, 3) Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls, 4), as well as others.

    I am hoping you can add this effort to your update each time you send one out. As you are in a DaySpring in the churches, please ask them to start praying this same prayer. We need all the help we can get in spreading this effort around the world.

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