SOS – We need your help.




SOS: We need your help…

I have some good news and some bad news.  First the good news: Wesley Putnam Ministries is as busy as ever.  We’ve had a year that has taken us from Africa, to Georgia, Kansas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, California, and Texas.  We’ve seen churches and altars filled, night after night.

The fruit has been INCREDIBLE!  Over 4000 converts to Christ in Africa alone this past February.  It has been amazing.

The bad news is that we are in trouble financially.

Part of the reason is that our trip to Africa was very costly and there were no love offerings for the three weeks we were gone.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad we went! How do you put a dollar sign on the thousands of souls  who  came to Christ?  But the reality is there were signifcant costs involved in going.  Couple that with smaller than normal offerings after we got back home and a slow down in donations from our donor base, and you have real trouble.

The end result is we’ve had to borrow thousands of dollars to cover the operations costs this year. We have been very careful in our spending, but costs of office expenses, secretarial help, printing, transportation, and  equipment persist.  We are in a perilous position.

Felicia and I are looking at a very busy Fall schedule that represents many open doors for ministry.  We are booking well into 2013 at this time. We are asking the friends of our ministry to help us to be faithful to the call God has placed on our lives.  It’s been over 31 years that we have been traveling this nation and seeing the hand of God work in people’s lives.  I don’t believe He is finished with us.  We are committed to go to churches of all sizes. We will continue to proclaim His love as long as we are able to do so. We need your help to make it happen.

What can you do?
Please give as generous a gift as you can today.  No gift is too small!  When enough people give, it really adds up.  We need to pay back the loans and get back on a firm footing immediately.  Then we need to have a much stronger monthly donor basel  Again, let God lead you in deciding how much that support should be.  You can use our secure server to give a one time or recurring gift.  You can use bank accounts or credit cards to support us.  You can also send a check to:

Wesley Putnam Ministries
1320 Brown Trail
Bedford, TX  76022

For those who respond to this urgent request, we want to say thank you by sending you a beautiful work of art by World renowned arttist, Kenneth Wyatt.  He has graciously provided these as a means of helping us to raise these much needed ministry funds.

    “Legacy” is a signed, numbered, limitied edition bronze that presents a powerful message of our purpose on this earth.  We are here to point someone else to Jesus.  We are here to leave a legacy behind.  A legacy of  faith.  We are making this available to our donors for a minimum gift of $100
or a recurring gift of $15.00 or more per month.   

      Most of your donation will be tax exempt. (minus the value of the bronze)







Please pray with us that God will miraculously provide the resources needed to keep this ministry strong and fruitful.

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